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Dorea Slagle is a New York City based actor and director, as well as the Associate Managing Director for Ryan Repertory Company. After earning her BA, she was selected to train at the T. Schreiber Conservatory for film and theater performance. 

Dorea has had the privilege of working with many award winning directors, including Terry Schreiber, Dan Foster, Misti Wills, Bryan Hunt, Peter Jensen, and Laura Pietropinto. She is grateful for their mentorship and teaching, as they have taught her how to develop her own abilities not just as an actor, but also as a director. She's directed and assisted for productions at The King's College, Theater 315, Ryan Repertory, Firebone Theater, The Heights Players, Broadway Bound Theater Festival, New York Theater Workshop, the NYTF and more. 

Dorea has a passion for cross cultural communication. She believes in using the mediums of theater and film to broaden our horizons of understanding toward other people, and to develop our empathy through the sharing of experience and story. She is committed to creating an equitable and safe space for each cast and crew she works with.


Dorea lives in Brooklyn with her husband, and their two precocious kittens, Nox & CeCe. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, working on her vocal repertoire, walking Brooklyn Bridge park, and traveling. She has been to 16 countries and 34 states. One day, she hopes to have the opportunity to work alongside Laura Dern. Her directing role models are Greta Gerwig and Rachel Chavkin.

Dorea Slagle Film Reel

Dorea Slagle Film Reel

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